ATGO Conference Series

Disability Inclusion & Bias Mitigation Conference

ForHumanity invites you all to the AI - ForHumanity Conference on Disability Inclusion and Bias Mitigation. The experts in disability inclusion and bias mitigation have agreed to teach us how to do it. All of you can join us and benefit for this knolwedge transfer and implementation! Come learn how to create accountability, governance and oversight regarding disability inclusion and bias mitigation 

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Introduction & Overview of Disability Bias Types 

Duration: 10 mins

Speakers: Bill Curtis-Davidson & Corinne Weible, PEAT

Highlights from PEAT’s AI & Disability Inclusion Toolkit 

Duration: 20 mins

Speakers: Bill Curtis-Davidson & Corinne Weible, PEAT

  • Risks of Discrimination in AI Hiring

  • 10 Key Plays from the Equitable AI Playbook

  • Organizational Model for Equitable AI – Human in the Loop Considerations including People with Disabilities

Working From Home
Business Meeting

Panel: Disabled Humans in the Loop

Duration: 60 mins

Moderated by: Maria Town, President and CEO American Association of People with Disabilities

  • Introduction 

  • Policy and Regulatory Landscape 

  • Inclusion Risks in Data, Algorithms, and User Interfaces 

  • Disability-Led Innovation 

  • Co-Design & Testing with People with Disabilities 

Incorporating Disability Inclusion & Accessibility into the ForHumanity Audit Framework

Duration: 60 mins

Speaker: Merve

Guided discussion moderator: Ryan Carrier, ForHumanity

Reviewing Reports at Desk